CHT Architects



Site Location: North Melbourne VIC

Client: CHT Architects, Prestige Developments

Market Segment: Residential Property Development

Commercial Objectives: Deliver a 53X Environmental Audit in accordance with a planning permit condition. Combined geotechnical investigation.

Site History: Former commercial factory

Project Requirements and Disciplines: Project Management, Phase 1 and 2 ESA, 53X Environmental Audit, geotechnical assessment

Stakeholders: CHT Architects, Prestige Development, City of Melbourne, EPA

Timeframe: 3 months

Outcomes: Successfully delivered 53X Statement of Environmental Audit and Geotechnical Assessment Report within 3 months of commissioning.

Pure Projects



Site Location: Lilydale VIC

Client: Pure Projects / Chirnside Country Club

Market Segment: Commercial Property Development

Project: Redevelopment of former quarry and conversion into an 18 Hole Public Golf Course

Commercial Objectives: Prepare an Irrigation Reuse Environmental Improvement Plan to allow re-use of Class B Recycled Water from Lilydale Treatment Plant

Site History: Former Quarry

Project Requirements and Disciplines: Environmental Assessment, Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Geotechnical Assessment, Soil Analysis

Stakeholders: Pure Projects P/L, CSR, Chirnside Country Club, Yarra Valley Water

Timeframe: 4 months

Outcomes: EIP report approved by Yarra Valley Water and Class B water re-use license granted to Chirnside County Club




Site Location: Alphington

Client: Coles

Market Segment: Commercial and Residential Property Development

Project: Redevelopment of former Amcor site into shopping centre and residential

Commercial Objectives: Cost Risk Analysis of in-ground contamination and geotechnical risk

Site History: Former Amcor paper mill

Project Requirements and Disciplines:  Probabilistic Cost Risk Analysis

Stakeholders: Coles, Wesfarmers

Timeframe: 2 weeks

Outcomes: In-ground risks quantified and site purchased by consortium in July 2013

Forlord Developments



Site Location: Inverloch

Client: Forlord Developments

Market Segment: Residential subdivision

Project: Residential Redevelopment of farmland adjacent to council transfer station and landfill

Commercial Objectives: In accordance with the development planning permit undertake a 53V Environmental Audit to determine potential amenity impacts of landfill (composting and noise) and landfill gas and leachate risks.

Site History: Vacant farmland adjacent to transfer station and former landfill

Project Requirements and Disciplines:  Project Management, Phase 1 and Phase 2 ESA, Soil Vapour Assessment, Odour and Noise assessment modelling

Stakeholders: Forlord, Bass Coast Shire Council, EPA

Timeframe: 6 months

Outcomes: 53V assessment objectives abated and development permit granted

Deal Corporation



Site Location: Wantirna

Client: Deal Corporation

Market Segment: High density residential redevelopment

Project: Residential redevelopment of former service station site / car wash

Commercial Objectives: In accordance with the development planning permit undertake an environmental site assessment to demonstrate the site is suitable for the proposed used without the need to complete a 53X Environmental Audit. Part of the site was covered by an existing 53X Statement of Environmental Audit and the challenge was to demonstrate the remainder of the site exhibited a similar and manageable contamination profile.

Site History: Former Shell Service Station

Project Requirements and Disciplines:  Project Management, Contaminated Land

Stakeholders: Deal Corporation, Knox City Council, SJB Planning

Timeframe: 2 months

Outcomes: Successfully met the requirement of the permit without the need to complete a 53X Environmental Audit