Project Description


Site Location: Melbourne VIC

Client: Probuild

Market Segment: Commercial Property Development

Commercial Objectives: Review various reports to prepare an initial cost risk analysis relating to soil remediation of approximately 10,000m3 of contaminated soil. Prepare Soil Management Plan and Environmental Management Plan for early works program. Undertake remediation cost reduction feasibility and waste minimisation.

Site History: Shire of Remembrance

Project Requirements and Disciplines: Project Management, Probabilistic Cost Risk Analysis, Soil Management Plan, Environmental Management Plan, OHS Advice, IWRG Soil Characterisation and 95% UCL statistic feasibility analysis throughout duration of project.

Stakeholders: Probuild, Major Projects Victoria, Shrine of Remembrance, Heritage Victoria, EPA

Timeframe: 3 months

Outcomes: Successfully obtained relevant approvals to commence works in a highly sensitive site. Excavated and characterised approximately 10,000m3 of soil and delivered substantial cost savings on soil disposal to landfill.

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